Did you know that adding your licensed child to your auto insurance is required by insurance carriers? Quite often people either forget or are scared to death that their insurance rates will go through the roof when they add their child. Dont make that mistake! It could cost you much more than what you bargain. Yes, your rates will most certainly increase, but consider the potential alternative. Your insurance carrier could suddenly drop you for omitting this information regardless of your tenure with the company. If your child (not listed on your policy) is involved in an accident while driving your vehicle, your carrier will most likely cover the claim but they will also report the accident as being YOUR fault. Even if your child has moved out, gone to the military or away to college, that accident is listed as yours because your child was not listed on the policy. We recommend that you talk with your broker/agent, discuss your situation and let them advise you on how to keep premiums affordable when the time comes. Most carriers offer various discounts such as good student, defensive driver or other available programs that can save premium up to 20%. Here at SIA we care enough to take the time to review your personal risk exposure. Call us to discuss these and other insurance concerns.