Home Insurance Tips: Clean Your A/C Drain Line

2018-03-25T14:24:52-05:00March 25th, 2018|

Don’t let water flood your home

Most homeowners do not realize the importance of cleaning the A/C drain line

In addition to cooling or heating your home, an air conditioning system or HVAC removes moisture from the air to reduce the humidity levels within your home. This excess condensed water is […]

Using a Portable Heater: Keep It Cozy, Keep It Safe

2018-05-11T12:36:54-05:00January 12th, 2016|

7 Tips for Space Heater Safety

When temperatures drop and you fire up the furnace for winter, it seems there’s always a corner of the house—or maybe an entire room—that never gets quite warm enough.

Rather than overheat the rest of the house, you might plug in a portable electric heater to cozy up the space. The […]

Partnership with Safeco Insurance

2018-05-11T12:36:54-05:00June 15th, 2015|

Auto Home Insurance

Savannah Insurance Advisors is proud to announce its partnership with AM Best, A rated, Safeco.

Safeco has been protecting individuals and families with personal insurance coverage since 1923. When it comes to some of your biggest investments, like your home, car or maybe even your […]

Homeowners Insurance in Coastal GA

2012-05-27T02:00:35-05:00November 30th, 2010|

Odds are if you recently purchased homeowners insurance in Coastal Georgia there is a good chance that you have what is called a “Tropical Storm/Wind & Hail” deductible that is separate from the standard deductible listed on your policy. Several nationally known insurance companies have implemented what are often referred to as “special deductibles” for […]

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