Savannah Insurance Advisors is proud to announce it has expanded its services to clients by partnering with A.M. Best (A) rated Hagerty Insurance. Hagerty Insurance specializes in classic and collector cars and boats. Since that’s all they do, they’re able to focus on your collector needs, usage and interests. Hagerty’s unique Guaranteed Value policy allows you to cover your car or boat for what it’s worth. You can rest assured you will receive all of your insured value in the event of a covered loss. Hagerty understands the collector car & boat market and the importance of insuring high value collectors, custom vehicles & boats for their true value. They are experts you can trust who know how to handle claims on damages to your classic cars & boats. For example, Hagerty has a Parts Specialist on staff whose only job is tracking down the perfect replacement part. But the best news for collectors is that Hagerty’s rates are significantly lower than the companies who insure your regular-use vehicles. They offer the best coverages, full coverage policys that includes comprehensive, collision and liability as well as the best service out there all at an affordable price. To receive a Hagerty quote for your custom car, classic car, woooden or sail boat call Savannah Insurance Advisors today.