FYI: You can loan your vehicle to any licensed driver but beware, it is you and your insurance that pays when an at fault accident occurs. Common sense says…”if I didnt have the accident, it shouldnt be on my claims record”. However, in the state of Georgia insurance follows the vehicle, not the driver. This mean your insurance company will charge YOU a deductible and/or surcharges for any at fault claim invloving your vehicle. Most often the at fault driver bears little or no responsiblity and the owner of the vehicle carries the burden. Also if the damages exceed your bodily injury and property limits you could be sued personally for the difference. It is critical to list all licensed drivers living in your household, partciularly young or new drivers. If any unlisted household members have an accident in your vehicle you do not want nor should you be charged for their accident. There are ways to prevent these types of scenarios so feel free to talk with us and discuss your options. We are here and happy to help.