Without a properly maintained roof your homeowners insurance could increaseHomeowners Insurance

The visual condition of your roof and how long it will last will depend on the exposure but maintenance is also critical. It goes without saying, it is your responsibility as a homeowner, to monitor the condition of your roof as well as perform any necessary maintenance that is required. Simple maintenance such cutting trees to prevent a potential claim from falling limbs of overhanging your roof, to performing an inspection after a bad storm, are all YOUR job and responsibility. DO NOT WAIT for something bad to happen with your home such as a leak, before you act. Do not use your Homeowners insurance as your excuse to avoid maintenance! this is a mistake we see time and again and it never ends well. Due diligence is not optional, it is expected by every insurance company in the business. There is no coverage afforded for loss when negligence is proven as the cause for damage. It is imperative that you never give an insurance company the opportunity to deny your claim because they most assuredly will, regardless of your loyalty and/or tenure. Its business, never personal! The majority of claims where negligence is the culprit, involve water damage. And that usually that water damage stems from a poorly maintained roof. Logically, whenever a homeowner takes necessary precautions and maintains their home the chance for damages are dramatically reduced. Proper maintenance not only prevents damage to your home but also reduces the chances your loved ones, friends and guests from the possibility of an injury. You would be surprised how much damage and or injury that can occur! Again roof maintenance its not optional! its spring! so lets get out there and take a look at that roof and be sure its in top condition. We can assure you this advice will help protect you and your homeowners insurance rates!

Homeowners Insurance Truth: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure