Many insurance shoppers are unaware that credit is an important factor in their insurance rates. Good credit is so important that if you dont have it most likely you will not qualify for a property policy with most insurance carriers here in Coastal Georgia. For years now companies use your credit scores as an underwriting tool to help determine your rate for insurance. Statistics have shown that those who have a good credit score are far more less likely to file a claim than those who have poor credit. Logically insurance companies desperately want profitable risks and will offer credit strong applicants their very best rates. Those who have NO credit or poor credit pay more for insurance or in some cases are declined coverage. There are literally hundreds of rating factors used by insurance carriers, too many to list . Below we have listed the primary factors you should be aware or certainly consider when purchasing home and auto insurance.

  • Auto : Vehicle, Drivers age, Driving Record, Insurance History, Credit Score
  • Home/Property: Cost to replace Home, Age of Home, Insurance History, Credit Score

As always feel free to contact us, we can discuss your risk scenario and advise you on how to get the very best rate possible!