Independent agentWhy is it important to consult with an independent insurance agent in order for you to be sure you are getting the best possible rates? Because we are not limited to just one insurance providers option. We, at Savannah Insurance Advisors, have access to a whole network of “A Rated” providers. We will help to find you the best rates on the coverage that’s right for you. An independent agent does all of the work for you! You will feel secure knowing you are getting the best policy for yourself, because you will choose from the options we will quickly provide for you. It is our number one priority and benefit to give you the best possible options. Our success depends on your happiness!

The Dangers Of Keeping The Same Policy For Too Long

The insurance market continually changes with the times. You can be assured that individual providers change quite often. By keeping the same provider and not “shopping around”, you are probably missing out on opportunities for new discounts that match your coverages to your current circumstances, not your past. More than 30% of people have not consulted with their agent in the past year. This mistake could be costly compounded over months and years. Don’t be one of those people! Having an independent agent like Savannah Insurance Advisors keeps the industry honest and competitive. You can and should be part of that process! We understand for some people change can be hard…..but it’s WORTH it.

It’s about MORE than just money

Saving money is great, and in this day and time a necessity. But, you should never cut corners trying to cut costs, especially when dealing with your most valuable assets; your home and auto. Sadly, many people do not fully understand the details of their insurance policies. You NEED to know what you are paying for! It can be costly in the middle of a crisis when you are trying to file a claim, thinking that you had certain coverages, but did not. You should never have to sacrifice your coverage quality to save money. That’s why we only work with “A Rated” providers. At Savannah Insurance Advisors, we have a wealth of knowledge and many years of experience in the insurance industry. We will take our time and walk you through all of your personal coverage options so you can make the decision that is right for you and your family.

Start Saving Today!

When you let an independent agent at Savannah Insurance Advisors help you, they can provide you with options from “A Rated” carriers. Oftentimes we are not only able to lower your rates, but also increase your coverages while lowering your deductibles! Think about what you could do with hundreds, possibly THOUSANDS of extra dollars a year. The possibilities are endless. Don’t wait another moment! You could be paying more than necessary of your hard earned money. We are here to advise you. Call us….. TODAY!